kasahorow Sua,

Shia Kpapa Ko

Shia ko...

- kwɛmɔ mi weku.

Learn new vocabulary from the Gadangbe Dictionary Series 2.

A good home
creates love between family members
creates comfort for each family member

welcomes a friend of the family
buys things used by every family member

Books in this series help your child to identify the common items in Gadangbe we find in the home.

Point out each item, and repeat its name in gadangbe at least 3 times to strengthen the association in their mind.

Have a fun journey together in Gadangbe in the coming days!

Written in Modern Gadangbe by kasahorow. Modern Gadangbe is a simplified spelling system used to write all the varieties of spoken Gadangbe. Search online for 'Gadangbe kasahorow' to read more Modern Gadangbe.

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